Case Study

Energy/Manufacturing Case Study

Automates complete field operations of Horizon Mud Company, a drilling and well servicing company. Stand-alone windows client application for data acquisition of oil well operations. Data-Sync Module synchronizes data between clients and web server database.

Requirements / Issues:

Objective: As the drilling wells are remotely located, connectivity was one of the major issues. Earlier, entire operations were being recorded using MS-Excel, new solution should give similar features or freedom of Excel (local file based solution). Need a solution to work in offline mode and whenever connectivity is available it should synchronize data (bi-directional sync).

Challenges in Execution:

Difficulty: As the current users got used to MS-Excel, similar user interface expected even in the custom application.

Restrictions / Constraints: As the drilling well requires lot of parameters and the data is recorded several times a day, high volumes of data to be synchronized whenever connectivity is available.

Technology used:

Front End: web services, windows services
Back End Database: MS-SQL Express edition at client, MS-SQL Server at HO / Central location
Database Size: Around 8 GB per user No of Users: 100 + users

Status / Success Reason:

Intuitive user interface and quick turnaround for the formula changes and other UI suggestions. Over a period of time, business users realized the incomparable advantage of the custom built software over a generic application like Excel.