Case Study

Education Case Study

Directorate of Technical Education, AP (Govt. of Andhra Pradesh)

The Dept. of Technical Education, Andhra Pradesh, is the central agency controlling over 170 polytechnics and other educational institutions in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It also acts as the liaison between AICTE and the professional/engineering colleges in India.

One of the most time-consuming and contentious problems faced by the department is staff recruitment and transfers. The problem is compounded by the fact that there are limited resources to deal with the voluminous paperwork and enquiries that need to be resolved. The Chairman and Director, Shri. Rajendra Narendra Nimje engaged VolkSoft Technologies to study the requirements and propose a solution.

DTE also required to have complete control over its sizable inventory of assets including land and buildings in prime locations in important city centers, libraries and subscriptions, equipment and vehicles.

VolkSoft Technologies conducted a detailed study of the requirements and proposed an integrated Staff, Resources and Facilities Database that would be hosted on an Internet server. A detailed study of the existing internal systems was conducted, but in the end it was decided that only a full-fledged custom development from the ground up would match the requirements of the DTE.

The final system will involve users from across the state updating a central database and the Chairman and Board using MIS reporting to take decisions on effecting transfers, arbitrating on matters related to staff transfer activity, and responding to judicial enquiries.

To this end, VolkSoft Technologies was subsequently hired to develop the system for DTE. The system was developed using PHP/MySQL and is currently under implementation.